Learn to Ride

If you are interested in learing to ride, we can help.

King's Cross Scooters has a special relationship with the A 2 Z Rider Training School in Islington and can help you arrange for training.

Please contact us if you wish to participate.

Here are some general things you should understand:

C.B.T (Compulsory Basic Training) Full Licence

You must hold a CBT training certificate before you can be a learner on a moped or scooter.

The only exception to this rule is if you passed your UK car test before 1/2/01 you are automatically entitled to ride a 50cc moped without L-plates and without taking CBT {although it is strongly" recommended that you do.}

At age 16 a CBT certificate will allow you to ride up to a 50cc moped and from 17 years up to a 125cc achine.

CBT valid for 2 years no passengers or motorways allowed.

A full licence will allow you to dispose of "L" plates, use larger machines, carry a passenger and if over 50cc use motorways.
A 1 Light Licence
Test machine size 75cc-125cc.  If you take a practical test on such a machine this will result in a full licence to ride a machine of 125cc maximum.
A2 Standard Licence
Test machine size 120cc -125cc {must be capable of at least 62mph} Taking a practical test on such a machine will result in full licence, for the first 2 years a rider will be restricted to machines of max 33bhp, after the 2 years the licence would be upgraded to an unrestricted licence without further test.
Motorcycle Theory Test Direct Access
A separate motorcycle theory test must be passed prior to a practical test {not necessary if just doing CBT} please ask for advice on what books to study and how to book your theory test. If your 21 or over you may train and pass a practical
motorcycle test on a 46bhp 500cc Motorcycle.